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Solon Service Department
Fall Curbside Leaf Collection program will begin on Monday October 13, 2014.

Map of city areas recently completed. Streets done are highlighted in color. Updated every few days.

      The Service Department will begin Curbside Leaf Collection program on Monday, October 13, 2014. With weather permitting the program will run through Friday, December 19, 2014. We ask that residents place their leaves 3 ft. from the curb. City crews will work their way around the city to collect them. Crews will pass through each area several times throughout the collection season.

      The Service Department requires that leaf piles NEVER be placed in the roadway as this can cause an unsafe situation for motorist and also block storm sewers which will result in flooding issues. City Ordinance (ORD. #1964-660.3) states the following: (c) No person shall deposit any leaves within any public street or sidewalk except on the tree lawn between the sidewalk and the curb.

      When placing leaves out for collection they should be raked into a windrow and placed as close to but not in the roadway. No brush, small branches or other materials should be mixed in with leaf piles as this material will clog and damage the leaf collection equipment and slow down the collection process. Foreign objects can also be thrown from a machine and potentially harm a worker or motorist.

      You can help assist the Service Department by mower mulching your leaves which adds a beneficial soil amendment to your lawn. Additionally, small piles of leaves should be placed into brown craft yard waste bags whenever possible and placed out for collection on your normal rubbish collection day. A separate truck will be along to pick those bags up.

      Due to the large volume of leaves that come down at once, no daily schedule can be followed but collection will be made as quickly and as often as possible. Please feel free to contact the Service Department to inquire where city crews are currently collecting. Once the leaf collection program has ended, all leaves must be placed into brown craft yard waste bags and placed out for collection on your normal rubbish collection day.

      The Service Department would like to thank residents of Solon for their continued cooperation and ask that you contact the Solon Service Department at 248-5834 for more information about the fall leaf collection program.

Leaves collected are composted, not put in a landfill.
      Remember next spring we will generate compost and mulch that is available to Solon Residents. Call us for pricing and availability in the spring of 2015.

If you have question regarding leaf collection or composting. Feel free to contact Michael Gelardi, Solid Waste Manager at (440) 248-5834 ext. 1955

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